Magic Johnson defying the mask mandate at SoFi stadium on Sunday wasn’t the first time he was caught doing so.

We told you about these photos back in September:

And a quick look at his feed shows that the NBA legend really doesn’t like wearing masks anywhere he goes. Here he is in Hawaii with his wife:

And here he is with fellow Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

Note: Kareem *used to* promote mask usage:

But back to Magic. . .

Here he is unmasked with a bunch of masked kids:

More shots from that same event:

LOL. Maybe he thinks he’s too tall to catch Covid?

And on and on and on it goes:

This photo with people who work healthcare is a nice touch:

Guys, it’s science. You can’t catch Covid while talking:

Now, we’re totally fine with Magic not wearing a mask. Don’t get us wrong! We just want parents to have the same choice as he appears to have.



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