The January 6th Committee issued new subpoenas on Friday to Republican officials in a number of states who signed the fake Electoral College Certificates for the 2020 election:

From CNN:

The January 6 Select Committee has issued subpoenas for 14 Republicans from seven states who served on bogus slates of Trump electors in 2020 as part of the Trump campaign’s scheme to subvert the Electoral College.

The GOP leaders from the states served as “Chair” and “Secretary” on the slates of fake electors designed to be alternates should Republicans succeed in denying the certifications of the actual electoral votes that were won by Joe Biden.

14 subpoenas in total were issued:

This breaks down to two per state and it looks like they are going after GOP officials in these states and not just random Republicans who might have signed on as the alternative electors:

And it sounds like they want to know who, if anyone, in Trump’s orbit pushed them to do this:


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