Trevor Noah was trending earlier today over this segment from “The Daily Show” where he attempted to trash Joe Rogan and his podcast guest, Jordan Peterson, over their discussion on race.

Have a watch:

Here’s the Rogan clip Noah was talking about in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Anyway, we say Noah “attempted” to trash Rogan and Peterson because it’s pretty clear he missed their point, as anti-racist activist Chloé S. Valdary helpfully points out here:

“My God, Did Trevor not realize that this was precisely Rogan and Peterson’s point, that this rule is stupid, and that blackness and whiteness are made up things? Did the Daily Beast not realize it either? Are all ya’ll just doing things for clicks?? Sighhhh.”

Why, yes, Noah and The Daily Beast *were* “doing things for clicks”:

So much for this being “misinformation.”


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