This tweet from Grant Stern is starting to go viral featuring Kevin Guthrie, director of the Florida Department of Emergency Management, confirming that almost 1 million rapid at-home Covid tests expired during the last week of the year.

But the whole story is more complicated than this edited clip suggests:

You can listen to Guthrie’s entire answer starting at 34:46 in the link here.

In summary, the state had these tests in a warehouse and they expired about three months ago. Cases at the time were dropping fast and there just wasn’t any demand for the tests according to Guthrie’s explanation. The state applied for and was granted a 3-month extension for the tests which then expired at the end of the year. Florida has since asked HHS for a second extension and is waiting for approval to use the tests:

If you recall, Abbott Labs was actually *destroying* tests at the end of the summer due to a lack of demand as tests in the South had plummeted. Whoops:

Now, would it have been nice to have all these tests distributed before they expired? Sure. But this isn’t the dunk Dems and Nikki Fried think it is:

Exactly. *This* is what she’s arguing?

As for this editor’s experience, I had no issue picking up free at-home tests at a Miami-Dade County library on December 31 so the state was doing something right:

DeSantis also announced today that he’s shipping one million tests to at-risk people, which for some reason is getting lost in the expired-test BS:

And we know the only reason Dems are making an issue of it is that their guy failed so badly: