White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced an investment of $137 million of taxpayer money to help expand production on a key ingredients for making at home tests to support making an additional 1 billion tests a year”:

First up, one billion tests is . . . not a lot:

But, more importantly, if we need the test NOW what good does this do?

Details on the investment here:

Dr. Anthony Fauci also said that Omicron cases should peak in one month, so there is no long-term need for tests:

But it’s even worse than that. There is literally no shortage of rapid tests anywhere in the developed world but in the United States. All the FDA has to do, right now, is allow tests already approved for sale in Europe (at much lower prices) to be sold here in America and the supply problem is fixed:

Now, maybe we can get some journos to ask about this?