Carl Bergstrom, a professor at the University of Washington whose work on COVID-19 has been widely cited in the media from nearly Day One of the pandemic, is challenging the new CDC guidelines that “reduced the isolation period after a positive test from 10 days to 5 days for asymptomatic individuals.”

“I like the idea of allowing people to exit isolation earlier than after ten days, but doing so without one or more negative tests seems odd,” he said:

Whispers: There are no tests because the Biden administration did not prioritize tests:

Bergstrom then argued that the reason testing is so important is that there is a  “broad range of infectious periods, with a non-trivial fraction going well beyond five days”:

Even the scientists don’t believe the CDC when they say it was based on science?

Show your work, CDC!

Bergstrom also pointed out that the language from the CDC is confusing. Here the CDC says “if asymptomatic”:

But, later on, the CDC talks about symptoms “that are resolving” which isn’t the same thing:

He ended the thread with this criticism of Dr. Fauci in that video we just told you about:

And if it’s not clear yet, he’s mocking the CDC:

Maybe it’s because we’re still in the Christmas hangover phase of the news cycle, but the CDC change is not going the way Team Biden hoped it would go:

To be continued. . .


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