There’s a growing narrative on lib Twitter that the CDC changed its COVID-19 isolation guidance from 10 days to only 5 days because of lobbying by Delta Airlines:

The airline had asked the CDC to make the change last week:

Jemele Hill called on the media to frame the story as a business decision and not one based on health:

And Don Winslow accused the CDC and Dir. Rochelle Walensky of playing politics:

“Just fly fewer planes!” they say which would strand thousands and thousands of travelers around the country. No biggie:

And, *all of a sudden*, the CDC isn’t credible because THEY say it’s not credible;

A number of blue-checks are furious at the CDC for making the change, and the outrage appears to be growing:

Well, testing would be nice if the Biden administration didn’t, you know, fail at providing them:

Note: The pivot away from cloth/procedure masks is underway as well:


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