As we told you on Friday, Chris Cuomo allegedly trashed Fox’s Janice Dean over her criticism of his brother, former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, including one report where the former CNN anchor called Dean “that Fox weather b*itch”:

And here’s Dean’s classy response:

“The story for me has always been about trying to find answers and accountability as to what happened in New York nursing homes in the spring of 2020 and why Cuomo and his administration tried to cover it up. It’s a shame that many tried to dig up information to try and demean. . .”:

“. . .me through my profession (“weather girl”) where I work (Fox News) and who I voted for. Sadly, it wasn’t just the Cuomo team, but blue checks and reporters scouring through tweets and articles I’ve written in the past to support their own beliefs and a political narrative. . .”:

“. . .This won’t stop my mission on behalf of thousands of families, but it has opened my eyes to how the powerful will do anything to protect themselves, those around them, and to what lengths they will go to silence the people who question their motivations and deadly decisions.”:

And *this* is why we love Janice:

Maybe she should put it in her bio?

It did work for Cocaine Mitch:


Yes, thank you:

The mission continues: