Brooklyn mom @Fights_For_Kids has a must-read thread up on the absolute insanity of New York City’s masking policies in public schools that should make EVERYONE angry, but, alas, we expect nothing will change especially with the Omicron panic underway.

What a sad turn of events for what should have been a special day:

First up, everyone is outside in the freezing temperatures:

But that wasn’t safe enough and everyone still had to wear masks, even the kids while giving their presentations:

But then the science really kicked into overdrive as everyone was allowed to remove their masks to eat donuts and drink hot cider:

Insane. The only word to describe this is insane:

And here’s why nothing will change: The other moms didn’t think it was weird at all!

It’s like we’re stuck in a loop and vast areas of the country just keep doing the same thing over and over again without stopping to think about how worthless it is:

Maybe people are waking up?

It’s like we live in a sticom:

And on and on and on it goes: