Dr. Jorge A. Caballero, who tweets under the handle “DataDrivenMD,” says he “would like to go into a grocery store with my 3-yr old and not have it feel like I’m risking her life. Is that too much to ask?”

Is it too much to ask that he looks at the data, as a data-driven doctor, and not just rely on how he feels about the pandemic?

“Irony overload”:

More feelings from our data-driven blue-check (the underlying tweet, now deleted, was from a woman lamenting that her young child will be too big to ride in a shopping cart by the time it’s safe enough to go to stores again):

Nope, it’s not a parody account:

Here’s the data for those interested, but our readers already know this. From Brown University’s Emily Oster:


Maybe Mr. Data-Driven missed this day in his sats class?

And there’s really no reason he should be living in fear like he is, because of the data and all:

100% this. He can do what he wants but stop pretending it’s science-based:

Don’t give him any ideas:

But, for the rest of us, we’re over here living our lives:

But it’s sad that not everyone is as data-driven as we are:


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