America’s founding documents make it crystal clear that every defendant is entitled to an attorney and the presumption of innocence.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t criticize an attorney for attempting to blame first responders for the death of a young woman and her dog after his client, ex-NFL star Henry Ruggs, allegedly slammed into her car while driving at 156 m.p.h. and with a blood alcohol level, again, allegedly, that was twice the legal limit.

From the Daily Mail:

What a scuzz:

Keep in mind, video obtained by TMZ appears to contradict the lawyer’s claim that the fire was survivable at the time firefighters arrived at the scene:

Graphic content warning:

And the lawyer’s claims diminish the heroic efforts made by people on the scene who tried to rescue her. From KTNV:

“I thought for sure we were going to be able to do something. The fire was so small at the time,” said Rodriguez. “It just grew fast. Really fast. There was one person with a fire extinguisher, a county worker, that didn’t work. It wasn’t enough. It was just so fast.”

She was still breathing.

“Everything we tried just wasn’t working. The fire just grew so fast,” he said. “She was actually still alive. You could hear her breathing. She had her seat belt on and I was trying to cut that away. Trying to grab them by their shoulders and pull them out but that wasn’t working. They were pinned. The seat belt was on, the airbags were in the way and the door was jammed.”

A ticking time bomb. Minutes seemed like hours.

“It had to be more than 10 minutes. It felt like a lifetime.”

Rodriguez had this to say to the family: “I’m sorry. I tried everything I could. My friend as well. I’m sorry.”

The attorney, David Chesnoff, begged people not to prejudge his client:

Again, let’s go to the videotape:

The woman, 23-year-old Lori Lintor, worked at Target:

Information on a GoFundMe set up for her family is here:

Now, ask yourself how much time the media has spent on this story when compared to Aaron Rodgers who didn’t injure anyone:


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