Slate jounro Will Saletan wants you to “question everything.” See? It’s right there in his bio:

Except for COVID-19 vaccines, that is. If you question the vaccine you should lose your job:

You’d think that maybe someone who does “question everything” might just be a little bit curious why so many of these educated and rational people are not doing what he wants them to do:

But, alas, this is where we are:

Keep in mind, thousands and thousands of the people he wants to be fired never missed a day of in-person work (or, the days they missed were because they got Covid and cleared it) while he got to work from a couch:

He also won’t like where this could go:


This is 100% true and 100% maddening, but it’s what the Slate guy wants:

And “this is the blue-check elite world we live in on Twitter”: