New York Attorney General Letitia James added her name to the growing list of people in a total panic over THC edibles somehow making their way into the Halloween candy supply chain this year:

“These products are especially dangerous for our children,” she warned:

Many were quick to call her out, which was great to see;

So the prosecutor targeting Donald Trump and his family is also “crazy”? Good to know:

Has she actually accomplished anything on this list? No wonder she’s going after THC edibles:

She believes it though:

These moral panics are nothing new, they’ve just moved from razor blades to now, drugs:

Barring some sort of madcap mishap that you’d see in a TV sitcom, who would hand these out anyway?

“This isn’t a thing and it never was”:

And rather than call the AG’s office, some are offering their disposal services for the dangerous faux-candies:

Just trying to help out and do our part for the community: