Houston businessman Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, founder of Gallery Furniture, posted these screenshots of $3.35 million worth of bets he placed over the summer that will win him $38.9 million (!!!) if the Astros win the World Series:

But the bets are actually a hedge for a promotion he runs every year where he’ll refund the purchase price of their mattress (>$3000) if the Astros win: From Forbes:

These bets are to hedge a promotion McIngvale runs at his Gallery Furniture stores, in which customers that bought a mattress worth $3,000 or more receive their money back if the Astros win the World Series, and he would have to shell out in the “mid 20-millions” should the promotion hit.

McIngvale is being offered cash payouts before the series but he’s decline all offers:

How awesome is that? If the Astros win, everyone wins!

We love this guy:

If you recall, we did some posts on him during Hurricane Harvey when he opened up his stores to refugees:

He also gave out free tickets for the “Rally Nuns”:

BRB. Putting some $ on Houston. They can’t lose with support like this, right?