In entertainment news, DC Comics is ditching “Truth, Justice and the American Way” as Superman’s motto and replacing it with “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow”:

This is not sitting well with many, including actor Dean Cain who played Superman:

Meghan McCain added that she hates the new motto and “it’s dangerous and our enemies are watching the breakdown of national unity closely know it makes us weaker and them stronger”:

Cain responded to Meghan, “they won’t win”:

But, and it pains us to point that out, Kurt Eichenwald notes that Superman really hasn’t used “Truth, Justice and the American Way” for years:

And he’s arguing this just gave DC Comics a ton of free publicity:

Well, we will just have to wait and see about that. But, since DC Comics is making changes, about how a Superman that wears his underpants on the inside?


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