Yesterday we told you about this NYT article by David Leonhardt on Covid and children, finding that an “unvaccinated child is at less risk of serious Covid illness than a vaccinated 70-year-old”:

Later on his his thread, Leonhardt made it clear that the decision to even vaccinate children “feels like a close call that leans toward vaccination for an individual child,” meaning if that child is in a particular household, for example, with an elderly grandparent or other at-risk individual:

And he quoted from Brown University professor Emily Oster who said it’s “reasonable” to be more cautious with kids:

With that said, we have been seeing quite a few people say they will vaccinate their younger kids in an effort to “help restore full normalcy.” For example, from Johns Hopkins’ Jennifer Nuzzo:

But as Mary Katharine Ham so rightly points out in response to Nuzzo, there is “[no] evidence from past 18 mos, vaccination of adults, or policies that followed, indicates vaccination of children would restore full normalcy. Goalposts will move again. Anything less than 100% rate will warrant continued tyranny of neuroses & overcaution that rule kids now”:


Does anyone want to bet on how soon we hear, “we can get rid of masks in school once we have everyone vaccinated”? Because that’s coming:

This could be our last chance to make this happen:

Unfortunately, yes: