Another day, another loss for Dems, this time at Nationals Park for the annual congressional charity baseball game:

Final score GOP 13, Dems 12:

And Republicans have Rep. Greg Steube and this monster home run to thank:

But because this is D.C., politics did interfere with the game:

“Dems don’t f*ck this up”:

Just enjoy the game, libs!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was in attendance. Maybe she just saw the banner?

And, yes, President Biden made an appearance as well:

He did get some boos from the GOP side of the stadium:


Biden also handed out Dove ice cream bars with the presidential seal:

And many noticed that our leaders were not practicing social distancing at the game:

They’re outside and will be fine, but we do wish the people in this photo would stop lecturing us when we do the same thing:

There’s a 100% chance that Facui and Co. would’ve labeled this a superspreader event if it was just Republicans:

But Dems? They just have different rules:

Narrator: He was NOT a good luck charm.