Fredo strikes again. . .

As we told you earlier, CNN’s Chris Cuomo wants his followers to take up the cause and help find Reatha May Finkbonner, a Washington state woman who went missing while in Las Vegas earlier this month.

But did you notice what’s wrong with his tweet? That’s right. He didn’t even use Finkbonner’s name. How does he expect to “generate sustained interest” to help find her by using the #gabbypetito hashtag?

Someone, please explain to him how Twitter actually works:

Oh, and someone should tell him he has a show, you know, to promote stories like this:

Guys, *we’re* not doing enough. Be better!

“Perhaps you cover these issues on your news show instead of shaming people for you not doing YOUR job”:

There’s also no mention of the story on Maybe Chris can help out with that as well?