Don’t look now, but Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis and “the winter is coming”:

And, yes, Russia in the middle of it:

From the FT:

What is driving supply fears?

Concerns about tight supplies started with a prolonged cold winter that drained natural gas storage. Normally this would be refilled over the summer when demand for heating largely evaporates.

But storage filling has not happened at the pace traders would have liked in 2021. Russia has been sending less gas to Europe, for reasons fiercely debated in the industry. These range from Russia’s need to refill its own storage to suspicions that it is trying to pressure European governments, including Germany, to approve the start-up of the highly controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Europe’s reliance on wind power is also causing major disruptions:

Russia is being accused of limiting the supply. . .

. . .to hasten the approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline:

Hey, we’re not the ones who told NATO-member Germany to scrap its nuclear power to buy natural gas from NATO-foe Russia:

Shorter Vladimir Putin: “this is what you want, this is what you get”:

But let’s not leave out the green energy industry that pushed to eliminate nuclear which is not being replaced with coal:

Well done, everybody.