And there it is. . .

Alphonso David has been fired by the board of the Human Rights Campaign over his involvement in defending  former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from allegations of sexual abuse:

David was president of HRC:

David was accused of “victim shaming” after details of his involvement came to light in the NY AG report released last month. From NBC News on Aug. 9:

Some of the people who saw the letter described it as “victim shaming.” David — who served as the governor’s chief counsel from 2015-19 but was  president of the Human Rights Campaign, or HRC, at the time — said that he did not think the letter was a good response and that he wouldn’t sign it. The report alleges that he agreed to circulate the letter to see if others would sign it, but he denied that allegation in a statement emailed to NBC News.

Good riddance:

David did have his defenders, like union president Randi Weingarten:

Of course she’s supporting him!

Lindsey Boylan, one of Cuomo’s victims, spoke out:

As did Janice Dean:


Yep, impeachment should move forward:

As for David, he says to “expect a legal challenge”:

Um, okay?