There are photos going viral purporting to show the Taliban sending American military vehicles to Iran:

We’ll just add it to the list:

And these photos fit perfectly with this thread from Rep. Thomas Massie from Wednesday where he ripped the media and “most of Congress” for ignoring a decade of warning signs that this was where things were headed in Afghanistan:

First up, we were already working with the Taliban:

And it wasn’t U.S. forces that handed this equipment over to the Taliban. It was equipment the U.S. *gave* to the Afghan Security Forces and *they* gave/sold/traded it to the Taliban.

“It was a waste even in the best scenario”:

Massie added that a lot of the soldiers we were paying for never even existed:

And he said more people would have been aware of this if they listened to the “Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction”:

We all are:


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