Just to follow up on this post from earlier about a blue-check doctor who thinks it’s totally fine to keep kids at home to fight COVID-19, here’s blue-check lawyer Walker Bragman who is making the same argument with the added wrinkle that the United States — the largest economy in the world — needs to copy the tiny island nation of New Zealand in a quest to reach zero Covid cases:

You see, we cannot rely on the health policy we “wish for” but it’s totally fine to “wish for” politicians to pass legislations to “pay people to stay home” to fight a virus:

And this is just a mathematically illiterate argument:

But it sounds like we’re going to hear it more and more as the Delta variant spreads:

It’s embarrassing:

Here are the actual numbers driving the panic:


Libs right now are trying to drag Glenn Greenwald for this response:

But he’s right: