CNN’s Jake Tapper has triggered quite a few folks this morning with these two questions: “Are any of these school boards in favor of mask mandates also imposing a *vaccine* mandate for teachers, administrators, faculty and staff? And if not why not?”:

He added that there are no “peer reviewed studies of mask mandates *in schools*” that he’s aware of and which would be key to getting a buy-in on masking:

Europe, for example, isn’t forcing masks on kids:

A number of fellow journos pointed Tapper to the flawed Duke story we told you about a few weeks ago:

Note: He reposted the tweet they’re responding to:

Anyway, as we pointed out, that Duke study lacked a control group which made it pretty much worthless:

We do have data from Florida, however, which found “no statistical difference in school cases per enrolled students in person”:


As for mandates for educators, Washington state *is* going that route:

Gov. Inslee said teachers and such will lose their jobs if they don’t comply, but what remains to be seen is if 1. he can mandate a drug that’s not full FDA approved and 2. what happens if there’s a strike and staffers leave en masse over it?