Now that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced his resignation, all eyes are on Gov. Gavin Newsom in California as he faces a recall election on September 14:

You’re next, Gavin:

Conservative Larry Elder, one of the top candidates to potentially replace Newsom if he’s recalled, dragged the governor for this staged photo-op picking up trash underneath a Berekely freeway overpass:

And check this out. . .

Newsom is fully masked here with nobody around:

. . but then the mask is gone for some reason:

Elder also went to town on this journo who suggested he was anti-semitic because he criticized Sidney Blumenthal and George Soros in the past:

Elder, however, is taking some fire from Republicans after he said Joe Biden won the 2020 election “fairly and squarely”:

He has since walked that back:

But another problem for Elder is that he trails in this new poll from SurveyUSA that also found Newsom is in deep trouble:

The current leader if Newsom is recalled is Democrat Kevin Paffrath at 27% with Elder at 23%:

Paffrath is now trying to convince Dems who vote to keep Newsom to make sure they also vote for him as a backup plan:

And this could be a winning strategy for Dems to keep the seat even though Newsom is booted: