Liz Harrington, the spokesperson for former President Donald Trump, accused Fox News of editing and changing a clip from his interview with Dan Bongino that she says was of “45 accurately describing the Fake Election”:

And here’s what Fox News posted to YouTube:

“See the jump edit here”:

Harrington says Fox News deleted Trump saying, “You have a Fake Election, you have an election with voter abuse and with voter fraud like nobody has ever seen before and based on that and based on what happened they are destroying our Country…”:

“This is just as bad as Big Tech”:

But she’s not blaming Dan Bongino for what happened:

Bongino reportedly posted on Parler that, “if you can’t tell the difference between your allies, and your enemies, then maybe you shouldn’t step on the battlefield”:

But despite Harrington saying it’s not Bongiono’s fault, he is reportedly being targeted on the platform: