It’s not just about the Delta variant any longer, now we have to worry about Delta Plus?

From the Washington Post:

South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency said Tuesday that it had recorded at least two cases of the new coronavirus delta-plus variant, which some experts believe to be more transmissible than the original delta variant that was first detected in India and has since thwarted plans for returning to life before the pandemic.

And right behind Delta Plus is Lambda, somehow skipping some of the Greek alphabet:

From Reuters:

The Lambda variant of the coronavirus, first identified in Peru and now spreading in South America, is highly infectious and more resistant to vaccines than the original version of the virus the emerged from Wuhan, China, Japanese researchers have found.

And a new study says the J&J vaccine is not as effective against either Delta Plus or Lamda:

But wait, there are more!

Maybe one day soon health experts will admit COVID-19 is no longer a pandemic but endemic — meaning, everywhere — and we can start living our lives accordingly as the idea that it will go away one day is just a fantasy.