Remember NYC councilman Mark Levine? If you recall, he was one of the geniuses who told us we should gather in large numbers in Chinatown at the beginning of the pandemic:

We haven’t done a post about him in a while but he popped up in our timeline today with this poll asking his followers if they’d be “more likely, less likely or same difference” to go to a restaurant if that restaurant required a vaccine passport:

He was responded to the news that Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer will require employees and customers to be vaccinated if they go to one of his fancy restaurants:

And, as we told you, Meyer is not including Shake Shack on the list because fancy restaurants are different than fast-casual restaurants, or something:

Anyway, his poll is not going as planned:

LOL. Of course, it’s “right-wing Twitter’s” fault:

Maybe he should ask this question of his hospital-worker union friends in local 1199 who are protesting vaccine mandates or are they now part of right-wing Twitter, too?