President Joe Biden took a shot at unvaccinated Americans on Tuesday, saying “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were”:

So, he means Blacks and Latinos? Because if you go by the numbers, that’s who he is talking about:

CNN’s Brian Stelter added that these white journos say they feel “betrayed” by their “unvaccinated neighbors”:

Well, in New York City that means union workers. Do they feel “betrayed” by Black and Latino union workers, Brian?

Other unions are pushing back against vaccine mandates, too:

Weird. We were told this was a problem caused by Fox News:

And as for vaccine hesitancy in general, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad in the U.S. if the big pharma companies making the vaccines didn’t have the history they have. For example:


Anyway, New York City is now literally paying people to get vaccinated: