Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb had harsh words for the CDC and its modeling of the Delta variant.

In summary, the models are total garbage:

At some point, people will realize how badly the CDC failed us? Right?

Of note, the predictions in the UK were garbage, too:

This is like going to a football game and shouting while your team is on defense, “watch out for a run or a pass!”:

Gottlieb goes on to say to we need to make major changes to how we respond to a public health crisis:

He suggests we need an “action-oriented agency able to engage in assessing and mobilizing preparations against future risks”

And the CDC will need to change its mindset for that to occur:

“The bottom line: CDC data has consistently been thorough, meticulous, and late. In other words, it wasn’t actionable in setting of fast moving crisis. That’s not the business CDC was in. They provide definitive answers, not partial info to inform current decisions in a crisis”:

Over to you, Congress: