South Florida is on alert as Tropical Storm Elsa has formed in the Atlantic and, according to the latest track, will pass near Key West early next week:

And the Miami Herald called it a “record-breaking fifth named storm of the season”:


And here’s meteorologist Ryan Maue explaining why technology improvements make these “records” meaningless as we’re detecting and naming storms that in the past would haven’t even been observed:

And “the doubling in the number of [Atlantic] named storms over a century is very likely due to technology change, not natural or man-made climate change”:

The fact is we’re naming storms that we only see on satellite that would have only been an issue to the unlucky mariners who just happened to get in their way:

There have been other technology improvements as well:

“Along the United States coastline, the historical record does not show an increase in either frequency or intensity of landfalling hurricanes”:

And because of changes made by the NHC,the “historical record is not homogeneous & care must be taken before blindly applying trend analysis”:


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