Gwen Berry, the Olympian we told you about on Sunday and Monday who suggested organizers of the Track & Field Team Trials waited to play the national anthem until the exact moment she was on the medal stand just to mess with her, shared this tweet defending her protest from none other than conservative Joe Walsh:

Well, this was a clue:

And remember when Walsh said this just wasn’t some “silly civic ritual”?

Or this take:

Does she even deserve to be in the Olympics?

And wait until Berrty sees what he thinks about Colin Kaepernick:

We’re pretty sure Berry would say her platform is the same as Kapernick’s:

Note: He may have changed his tune on Trump, but he’s been calling out Kaepernick both before and after the 2016 election:

A “jackass,” even:

Walsh says he defends Kapernick even though he doesn’t agree with him:

But he’s also in favor of people getting canceled over their anthem protests, so it’s all a bit confusing:

Maybe the U.S. Olympic team should make her stand for the anthem? It’s what he wanted the NFL to do: