Deadspin senior writer and editor Julie DiCaro has deleted this tweet where she attacked writer and U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio J.D. Vance for comments he made about Gen. Mark Milley.

“Guys who have never served calling the US Military ‘losers’ is a bold strategy, Cotton,” she tweeted. “Let’s see if it pays off”:

But if she had spent 30 seconds Googling Vance, she would have discovered that he did serve in the United States Marine Corps:

She later said she couldn’t “imagine a vet saying the ridiculous things he says about colleagues in arms,” which makes us wonder if she ever met someone who served in the U.S. military:

Deadspin doing Deadspin type things, cont.:

And it’s not just her Google problem. “Anyone has the right to criticize generals”:

Maybe the pandemic is making journos worse?


She didn’t link to it, but the rest of Vance’s thread on Milley’s comments are worth a read as well: