Failed Dem Congressional candidate and current executive director of Fight 4 Florida’s Future is going on a tear against President Joe Biden over keeping Trump pick Louis DeJoy as head of the USPS and over Biden’s selection of Merrick Garland as Attorney General:

“MY GOD!’ she exclaimed. “What the HELL is going on with @POTUS?”:

“EVERYTHING BAD that is happening to our country right now is because of weakness and failure of DOJ”:

Maybe she should thank Mitch McConnell for keeping “incompetent and ineffective” Garland off of the Supreme Court?

But she thinks that “POTUS doesn’t seem to grasp this, or if he does, he doesn’t seem willing to make a change.” She added, Garland “needs to go NOW!”:

But, libs, please be careful listening to this law school graduate. Check out this hot take:

Maybe she missed that day in law school?