A new and detailed report from the state Senate Oversight Committee, led by the GOP and state Sen. Edward McBroom, “found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election”:

Full report here:

The report concluded that “. . .citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan”:

From the report:


The Committee can confidently assert that it has been thorough in examination of numerous allegations of unlawful actions, improper procedures, fraud, vote theft, or any other description which would cause citizens to doubt the integrity of Michigan’s 2020 election results. Our clear finding is that citizens should be confident the results represent the true results of the ballots cast by the people of Michigan. The Committee strongly recommends citizens use a critical eye and ear toward those who have pushed demonstrably false theories for their own personal gain. We also conclude citizens should demand reasonable updates and reforms to close real vulnerabilities and unlawful activities that caused much of the doubt and questionability to flourish and could, if unchecked, be responsible for serious and disastrous fraud or confusion in the future.

Further, we commend the innumerable clerks, canvassers, staff, workers, and volunteers across Michigan that make the enormous complexity of elections operate so smoothly, so often. The complexity of the work and the dedication we discovered are astounding and worthy of our sincerest appreciation. We also commend the diligent citizens that took time to report problems and concerns they saw because they want and value fair and free elections above party or personal gain. If all citizens remain vigilant and involved, we will emerge stronger after any challenging time.

But they did make a series of recommendations on how elections should be conducted in the future:


§ Place in statute the rights and duties of challengers and poll watchers, requiring they be uniformly trained and held accountable.

§ Ensuring combined AVCBs can have more than one challenger per party, with the ability to replace challengers who exit the AVCB location after the sequester is lifted.

§ Allow for bipartisan election inspectors for all audits and require the process be open to the public. § Prohibit the unsolicited mailing of absentee voter ballot applications from the secretary of state to limit the potential for non-Michigan residents voting in elections.

§ Establish signature verification requirements via the administrative rules process or statute in order to provide clarity and uniformity to election workers on the proper way to ensure signatures match.

§ Require video security on all drop boxes and require all drop boxes be emptied and secured immediately or earlier than 8 p.m. on Election Day to help expedite the processing and tabulation of ballots.

§ In order to ensure more accurate voter rolls, allow county clerks greater authority when removing deceased individuals from the Qualified Voter File.

§ Allow for the continued pre-processing of absentee ballots the day before Election Day, so long as stringent security measures are kept in place. Pre-processing must occur on the site of tabulation.

§ Consider allowing tabulation, which is more secure, to begin in the week preceding Election Day as long as results may not be released until polls are closed on the completion of Election Day.

§ Require that best practices for maintaining a balanced precinct on Election Day be part of the necessary training for all precinct workers. Establish a public, published record of all clerks who fail to provide the appropriate training or continuing education to themselves or their employees.

§ Reform the canvassing processes by requiring canvassers be present during the canvass activities, expanding certain county boards where population requires it, and provide for additional time for the process to be completed.

“All Republican members of the Oversight Committee voted to formally adopt the report Wednesday.”:

But McBroom did say he’s monitoring how the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is going:

The report also called “low voter turnout” a “threat to our democracy we should not take lightly”:

Of note, the recommendation to start counting absentee ballots early is not in “any of the GOP election bills”:

And the report called on the state to investigate people pushing “misleading and false claims about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends”:

Circling back to a tweet above, Cyber Ninjas, the company doing the Arizona audit, was responsible for providing “analysis to support the fraud allegation leveled in an Antrim County lawsuit,” so we’re not sure how serious McBroom is about actually following what’s going on in Maricopa County: