It’s over.

Failed presidential candidate Andrew Yang added failed mayoral candidate to his resume Tuesday night, conceding the Dem primary for NYC mayor:

Take a bow, journos. YOU did this:

Their “all-consuming obsession with Andrew Yang’s celebrity” SHOULD be a “large part of the final story,” but it won’t:

However, there was one journo who got it correct:

That prediction was made by Calder McHugh, an independent Brooklyn-based journalist:

Maybe MSM outlets need to ask themselves why their journos didn’t see what McHugh saw early on:

Remember, kids, Twitter isn’t real life, too:

He was always an awful candidate but journos never seemed to capture that until the very end:

Maybe he can try doing a cooking show next? That seems to be his true passion:

And he’s already back on the cable news circuit:

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.