Writing in the Reliable Sources newsletter last night, CNN’s Oliver Darcy suggested Tucker Carlson and Fox News for people dying of COVID-19 because they were skeptical of the vaccination:

From Darcy:

“Entirely avoidable”

Americans who are still dying from Covid-19 are “overwhelmingly” unvaccinated people, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Jake Tapper during an interview on Tuesday. “The thing that’s so painful, Jake, as a physician, a scientist and a public health person that I am, is that that’s entirely avoidable.” 

Fauci’s comments came on the heels of news that the US will miss Biden’s goal of entering the July Fourth holiday with 70% of adult Americans having had at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. “Every death from Covid-19 is avoidable and it is a tragedy when it happens,” Fauci said.

Fauci added to Tapper that “it is on us” to get those who are hesitant about getting a vaccine because they want more information the information they need to make the decision. Unfortunately, however, there are some who continue to pollute the space with nonsense, pushing people the opposite direction…

What if?

Often when I read stories about vaccine hesitancy, I wonder: What if the forces in right-wing media would have enthusiastically encouraged their audiences to get vaccinated? Where would we be as a country if folks like Tucker Carlson accurately explained the science behind the shots to their viewers? What if, instead of fear mongering, they showed themselves getting the shot, demonstrating their safety? What if Fox News threw its actual full weight behind telling its audience what Rupert Murdoch clearly knows about the vaccines? Would we have hit the 70% mark by now? How many lives might have been saved?

Okay, but how exactly does Darcy’s theory explain what’s going on with Black and minority communities? Is this Tucker Carlson’s fault, too?

“Black people have been disproportionately affected” and LeBron James refuses to say if he was vaccinated or not. Fox News strikes again?

Funny enough, James and Carlson share the belief that vaccines are a private matter. Will Darcy acknowledge that? From the NYT:

And there’s no mention of how Dems crapped all over the vaccine before the election:

Yeah. “Funny” how that happened as soon as the election was over.