New York City Dems go to the polls on Tuesday to vote for who will be for all intents and purposes the next mayor and failed presidential candidate sometime upstate New York resident Andrew Yang is in a war of words with retired NYPD captain and sometime New Jersey resident Eric Adams.

First up, Yang thinks he’s busted the Adams residency scandal wide open by noting that he said he loves to take bubble baths yet the basement apartment told reporters was his residence did not have a tub:

Yang is such a bad candidate:

And Yang’s wife, Evelyn, is whining that he’s not getting enough credit for the stimulus checks that went out to Americans during the pandemic:

To make things weirder, Yang forged an alliance with fellow candidate Kathryn Garcia in an effort to game the ranked-choice voting NYC is using this year. Or something:

Adams accused Yang and Garcia of dong this to “stop a Black or Latino person from winning the NYC mayoral election”:

Stop the steal, Dem edition!

But it’s not Trumpian, according to Adams, to accused Yang of cheating in an election that hasn’t even happened yet:

New York’s election system is already a mess and now they’re adding in RCV for the first time? Ooh, boy:

As for the election, turnout is expected “to be atrocious”:

Don’t worry, New Yorkers. It will be over soon: