Twitchy favorite Megyn Kelly is giving up french fries for an entire year. . .

. . .a journey that she started on June 12. . .

. . .but “WHY”?

Thoughts and prayers, Megyn:

She says that she’s “weak around these @$&!?€ little fried sticks & must prove to myself that they are not in charge of me”:

And Twitter is divided over whether or not a tater tot counts as a french fry:

It’s like giving up wine but drinking champagne:

CNN’s John Harwood says “no”:

Maybe she can appeal it to a higher court?

How about fries made in the oven or an air fryer?

This seems like a pretty good metric, TBH:

But that leaves out hash browns, too:

Time to surrender?

But there is a loophole!

Good luck, Megyn!