Disgraced CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin was spotted last night at Brian Stelter’s book party in New York City where he told Politico Playbook that his Zoom masturbation scandal is “in the past” and “people have moved on”:

He also told the NYT’s Ben Smith at the party that he “absolutely” “wished he’d a union at the New Yorker”:


Does he think a union would’ve protected him from getting fired over pleasuring himself on a Zoom call?

Thanks for the reminder, Jeffery:

You know, we don’t think everyone has just moved on, however. From the LA Times’ Matt Pearce:

Well, CNN didn’t have an issue hiring him back:


What’s also funny is that Politico reported that Toobin was at the party as a “guest of a guest,” which seems like a really nice way to say he crashed the event:

BACK ON THE SCENE: JEFFREY TOOBIN isn’t just on CNN’s airwaves again — he was out mixing and mingling with his colleagues Tuesday night. He showed up as a guest of a guest at a party in Manhattan to celebrate the paperback release of CNN’s BRIAN STELTER’S book “Hoax” ($18). Toobin told Playbook he was grateful to be back at the network after he was fired from The New Yorker for exposing himself on a Zoom call.

“It’s in the past, people have moved on,” he said, appearing nonplussed. Toobin was locked deep in conversation with the NYT’s BEN SMITH, who just penned a piece titled “Why the New Yorker’s Stars Didn’t Join Its Union.” Toobin told Smith he “absolutely” supports a union at his old employer. In a toast, Stelter doubled down on the premise of his book, saying, “We now know the ending to Fox and Trump, it’s definitely not a hoax.” Spotted at the event: Oliver Darcy, Andrew Morse, Molly Jong-Fast, Kate Bolduan, John Avlon, Margaret Hoover, Jamie Stelter, Ana Cabrera, Poppy Harlow, Christine Romans, Donie O’Sullivan, Max Tani, Christa Robinson, Rebecca Jarvis and Pat Kiernan.

And in other New York City news:

“The Toobin effect”?

Look what you’ve done, CNN!