This criticism of the latest Indiana Jones film seemed pretty mild to us (Jonathan Kasdan is the son of Lawrence Kasdan who wrote “Raiders of the Lost Ark”). . .

. . .but not to James Mangold, director of the yet-to-be-titled fifth installment in the series. He lashed out at this YouTuber-podcaster, accusing him of “crapping on things in the 1st week of production from your basement”:

You may remember Mangold from back in April when he vowed to not direct a film in Georgia over the state’s new voting law:

Fellow Hollywood producer Mike Avila cheered Mangold on, calling this an “A+ curb-stomp”:

Mangold later added that “false info, agism & snark from so-called ‘journalists’ is gonna be confronted directly & forcefully” and “these click baiters like to dish it out, but like night crawlers, can’t stand the light”:

But Ford *is* 78 and being cast as the lead in an action movie. For comparison purposes, Sean Connery was only 59 when “Last Crusade” was filmed:

There are reports that Ford will be digitally de-aged for some of the scenes:

Apparently, there will be a lot of flashbacks:

But fans of the series have every right to be skeptical:

Maybe that first tweet hit a little too close to the truth?

He went on to criticize photos leaked of the production:

We assume he means like this one:

Anyway, he’s asking for time to make the film before people make judgments: