Just to follow up on this post from few minutes ago where Rep. Elise Stefanik posted emails from Jake Tapper’s staff requesting an interview despite the CNN host telling the New York Times that he was “not asking for” interviews from Republicans who had issues with the 2020 election. . .

. . .Sen. Josh Hawley’s office also posted emails it received from Tapper’s staff requesting interviews:


Tapper responded, saying he wouldn’t have allowed Hawley to come on the show if he had actually agreed to the interview and that he “only started explaining to [his staff] last month the reasons behind my saying no to every Big Liar”:

But despite what he tweeted, one of the requests to Hawley was from 5 days ago:

Staffers, meet bus?

How big a hole is he going to dig?

And, note, it’s not just Republicans calling him out. Fox News’ Chris Wallace accused Tapper of “moral posturing” over his refusal to interview Stefanik and others: