How it started. . .

Knicks superfan Spike Lee was all smiles with his celebrity pals before last night’s Game 5 against the Atlanta Hawks at Madison Square Garden:

But then the Knicks got blown out and said superfan left the game early:

The loss eliminated the Knicks from the playoffs:


He “rage quit”?

TNT broadcaster and former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller called Lee a “fair-weather fan” on-air (the two have sparred before):

Lee did return to his seat, but the damage was done. From Sports Illustrated:

“That’s a fair-weather fan right there,” Miller said as cameras showed Lee walking out. “If he wants to be the No. 1 supporter of the Knicks, you’ve got to stay there and take it like the guys on the floor.”

Lee did return to his seat shortly afterward, but Miller’s dagger landed nonetheless, as the former Pacer took full advantage of the bad optics for Lee’s Knicks loyalty.

Not a good like for Spike: