New reporting from The Assembly in North Carolina says that Walter Hussman, a major donor to the University of North Carolina school of journalism that bears his name, “repeatedly warned against hiring” NYT journo Nikole Hannah-Jones:

From the article:

Hussman had doubts about whether having her on the faculty would distract from teaching the school’s core values, according to emails and four university sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He relayed his concerns to the university’s top leaders, including at least one member of the UNC-CH Board of Trustees. The Assembly obtained copies of emails in which Hussman expressed his concerns about Hannah-Jones to David Routh, vice chancellor for university development; Susan King, the dean of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media; and chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz.

“I worry about the controversy of tying the UNC journalism school to the 1619 project,” Hussman wrote in a late December email to King, copying in Guskiewicz and Routh. “I find myself more in agreement with Pulitzer prize winning historians like James McPherson and Gordon Wood than I do Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Narrative staus? BUSTED:

One thing that we see getting mentioned at this early stage is an interview Hussman gave to Tucker Carlson on reporter objectivity:

So, the idea that the school didn’t give her tenure because of a conservative mob has collapsed only to be replaced by one that now has to include Tucker Carlson?

Tucker “nodded” along, you see:

Hannah-Jones shared the above tweet with her followers, too:

Of note, Hussman’s big donation has been pledged but not yet delivered:

Hussman is under fire from blue-checks, to put it mildly:

And Hannah-Jones called the news “disappointing”:

More from Hannah-Jones on the article: