The state of Victoria in Australia — home to Melbourne, “the country’s second-most populous city,” implemented a 7-day lockdown over a new coronavirus outbreak:

The outbreak is at 26 cases. That’s it. They’re locking down a city of about 5 million for 26 cases. From the NYT:

After nearly three months without a new infection, state health officials have detected 26 cases in the Melbourne-area cluster. The outbreak is believed to have begun when a man became infected while serving a 14-day hotel quarantine in the city of Adelaide, then traveled to Melbourne, where he tested positive for the virus.

One major difference between Australia and the U.S., however, is that their vaccination program badly trails ours:


This is the city’s 4th lockdown for those keeping score at home:

Those who can leave the state are leaving the state:

Some are comparing what’s happening right now in Australia to North Korea:

Now, that comparison might be a little over the top, there is a backlash growing over this latest lockdown:

More of this, please: