Mollie Hemingway tweeted out this must-must read thread on Liz Cheney last night to explain to those not paying attention what’s *really* going on right now.

“If you’re pretending this is only about joining with media/Pelosi for impeachment, you’re not serious”:

It’s not her “hatred for Trump,” Mollie writes. It’s that Cheney is not doing her job:

For example. . .

“E.g., not only was she not a needed truth-teller in pushing back against media/Democrats’ false and dangerous 2016 election conspiracy theory about Russia, and its many attendant problems, she was also the prime pusher of the discredited, anonymously sourced Russian bounty story”:

And don’t buy the media’s new love for the Cheney dynasty for a second:

“Truest thread about Liz Cheney yet” AND much needed:

Yes, thank you, Mollie.