In other news, Southwest Airlines is under fire for kicking a special-needs 3-year-old off a flight for absolutely nothing other than the risk that the kid *might* cause a problem while in the air:

It really is as bad as Bethany Mandel tweets above. From the article where this mom did everything humanly possible to make sure what happened did not happen:

Caroline Scott said her son was wearing a mask and wasn’t having any issues at the time of the flight, but she had alerted the airline to the possible problem days before, which prompted the pilot to make the decision.


“When we actually got to our flight we were told there was an issue and they had to ask a supervisor to get the captain’s permission for us to board, even though when I had called they said there would be no issues,” Scott said Tuesday.

Scott said both her son’s occupational therapist and pediatrician wrote letters attesting to her son’s condition and making the airline aware that the parents had the necessary coping skills to help her son if he became distressed about wearing the mask.

She said the captain said he still felt uncomfortable with having the boy on the flight. She said the family assured the airline employees that her son would continue to wear the mask throughout the flight. They took their seats on board the plane, but the supervisor returned moments later.

“They came on to the plane and said we needed to deplane because the captain did not feel comfortable with my son on the plane,” Scott said.

WTF happened here?

What this will do is just encourage parents to keeps issues like this secret, which the airline doesn’t want:

And why are kids even wearing masks at 3 on a plane?

Yet, it does not stop:

We expect the airlines want to do away with it, too:

Over to you, Southwest:

Do better: