White House chief of staff Ronald Klain appeared to link the number of schools that have reopened since January to President Joe Biden’s leadership. Or something:

He was responding to Tim Carney who was responding to this tweet on Sen. Tim Scott ripping school districts across the nation for ignoring science and not reopening sooner:

Christoper Scalia, son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, called out Klain for his post hoc fallacy (“When event B happens after event A, a person might think “event A must have caused event B”:

How do you say “gaslighting” in Latin? Because, that’s happening, too:

Here are the real numbers:


Really, this is the same exact thing Klain is saying:

Well, Klain knows this and we suspect that’s why he worded his tweet so carefully:

But Dems will eat it up:

And he’s “proud” of the fact that 35% of schools are still closed for no reason?

This is happening is states that even prioritized teacher vaccinations: