The U.S. Navy on Tuesday released photos and video of Iranian warships harassing their American counterparts during maneuvers in the Persian Gulf earlier this month:

The encounter happened on April 2:

Photos here:

Earlier this month, Iran’s Press TV released an old video take allegedly from an Iranian drone flying over a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier:

They also aired footage of an alleged “suicide drone test flight”:

As many pointed out on Twitter, this is years-old footage:

But it’s clear they’re threatening U.S. interests:

During a recent hearing, Centcom commander Gen. Frank McKenzie warned of Iran’s drone capabilities:

McKenzie warned that Iran’s widespread use of small- and medium-sized drones for surveillance and attacks means that “for the first time since the Korean War, we are operating without complete air superiority,” McKenzie said.

“Until we are able to develop and field a networked capability to detect and defeat UAS, the advantage will remain with the attacker,” he said, using an acronym for unmanned aerial systems.

Over to you, President Biden.


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