Well, it looks like Sen. Mitch McConnell touched a nerve when he warned of a “scorched earth” Senate if Dems kill the filibuster.

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt tweeted, “This is what’s known as a threat”:

Former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer called McConnell the “chief earth scorcher”:

But it’s funny how people like Pfeiffer and former Hillary spox Brian Fallon never were on board with McConnell killing the filibuster when Donald Trump was president:

Imagine what would have happened with legislation approved by Trump without it?

We imagine Vote Latino would have had a few things to say about Trump’s immigration policies that passed with say 51 votes:

Note to Sen. Jeff Merkley: McConnell DID NOT change the rules when it suited him:

In reality, Dems should be thanking McConnell for standing up to Trump’s call to end the filibuster: