The Virginia GOP voted last night to hold a drive-up convention at Liberty University in Lynchburg to select candidates for statewide races this November, including for governor:

Yes, really:

They reportedly rejected “satellite convention sites and a statewide party canvass”:

The vote was close, however:

More from the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

The decision followed feuds among members of the party’s State Central Committee, who had opted for a convention to nominate candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general. But such a gathering would be illegal under Virginia’s COVID-19 rules.

Republicans spent months unable to reach agreement until Tuesday night.

The convention at Liberty, the Christian university well known for its affiliations with conservative causes, is to be held at 9 a.m. Republicans said convention delegates will be able to stay in their cars the entire time, possibly listening to proceedings on a radio broadcast.

This . . . does not seem ideal:

Apparently, Liberty was chosen because they have enough parking spots for everyone?

Former Rep. Denver Riggleman, who was ousted in a similar convention in 2020, called it “drive-thru idiocy”:

And he called the state party a “dumpster fire”:


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